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Ensure Marketing Success This 2023 & Meet The Next Trends!

Keeping in tune with marketing trends is complex, but satisfying. If you feel that this 2023 is a perfect opportunity to give a well-deserved boost to your projects, we will leave you a list to inspire you from both angles: from brand growth techniques and from your professional development. This will be great help to mark a north and continue building your goals.

These are your Marketing Goals

Marketing-oriented objectives are about increasing sales, developing brand awareness and having a solid ROI (return on investment). If you want to achieve this, these are the goals you need to meet for this year.

Redefine your brand's impact

Ask yourself this: Are you humanizing your content? Are you bringing in enough value? Are you connecting with your audience through what they want to see? Are you really aligned with your mission, vision and values? Do you need to update your content pillars?

Now look at your answers. If you're still in doubt, it's time to put your brand impact as one of your goals for this year.

Pay more attention to numbers

When we review an analytics report on social networks or websites, we love to see large numbers such as reach and impressions, however, we must look much further. To understand your audience you must also study the specific things.

Look for the best tools to thoroughly detail what happens in your digital profiles. Here are some examples of metrics you can look at closely:

  • Bounce Rate

  • Conversions

  • Traffic Acquisition

  • Single Sessions

  • Page Actions

  • Participation rate

Do "surgery" on your digital presence

Since we are talking about redefining your brand and reviewing it thoroughly, you should look at what worked during the previous year to optimize and replicate it in 2023. You should audit your pages and profiles to see how your audience has responded to what you have offered them so far. You may have to discard some topics and recycle others.

Plan your budget

Be sure to write down and calculate all of your measurable goals to compare your earnings in each quarter of the year. Later we will explain how to draw a map of your goals dividing the year by lapses.

Make content truly king

Make sure you don't post anything you wouldn't share on your personal networks. Make all content consumable and enjoyable. Adding value is what really attracts new users and generates engagement.

Strengthen your partnerships

Meet with your suppliers, business alliances, influencers and most loyal customers. Look at the status in which you are with them and if it is considerable to look for new support to grow your brand.


These are your Professional Goals

You can set some goals more oriented towards personal growth and improving your work routine. You must nurture your ability to work, so we recommend the following:

Write down your goals. Use the SMART technique.

  • Specific: What do you want to achieve?

  • Measurable: How can your outcome be measured?

  • Achievable: Can it be achieved?

  • Relevant: How important is the objective for the marketing plan?

  • Time-bound: How much time does it take to invest to achieve it?

Active breaks

You can do them without leaving your job. The idea is to do small exercises that avoid any damage to your posture, keep your circulation flowing and keep you away from burnout.

Do not procrastinate!

Identify your distractions to avoid them as much as possible. You should look for a productivity strategy, such as dividing your tasks by priority and maintaining a time organization scheme.

Intentionally scrolling

Stop using social media without a goal, scrolling through your feed without knowing what exactly you're looking for. There are many better things you can do with your devices to nurture your knowledge spontaneously in your spare time.

Block trolls

It may sound a bit extreme, but getting rid of trolls is a huge necessity for many brands. Your community doesn't deserve to be contaminated. Ignoring them is a last year thing. In this 2023 they will no longer be part of our audience.

Make your work not harder, but smarter

If you need to publish throughout 2022, consistency is essential. You can republish your best posts, create a calendar and use UGC (User Generated Content) and much more. Now there are many tools to make reels and carousels, which can also be programmed. Repeating is a totally valid practice, you just have to do it very cautiously.

Draw a map on how to achieve your goals

Divide this 2023 into four parts and dedicate your goals to each one, so that none of them catch you off guard. Take this scheme as an example:

​​First Quarter (Q1): Planning and creation campaign

Identify the most important needs to know what you are going to focus on during the year and start with your launches, whether advertising campaigns or product diversification.

Second Quarter (Q2): Budget, brand goals and KPIs.

This is the time to specify the use of your resources, suppliers and alliances. You can already talk about more specific goals, to which you can define numbers and times to achieve.

Third Quarter (Q3): Do A/B Test and give your landing page a spin.

Don't let yourself be caught up by the holidays! The end of the year is approaching and your plans should be taking shape. Generate a solid lead magnet, with a landing page where your new users will arrive.

Last Quarter (Q4): Year-end promotions and budgets 2024

The demand for services begins to increase in the last months of the year, so you must put yourself in front of your audience to offer something innovative. Take advantage of this time and prepare your next Q1!

These are the Digital Marketing trends for 2023!

Remember that every year surprises us with a new format of digital content that is fashionable to consume. Let's see what the next few months have in store for us:

Audio Advertising

Audio pieces will be made to be displayed as advertising on audio platforms, with Spotify being the current leader, while others such as Deezer, Pandora, Stingray Music and Apple Music will continue to grow. Great opportunity to promote brands.

Community Marketing (UGC)

UGC stands for User Generated Content. Many brands have a significant load of content created by their own community. Soon there will be a "snowball" effect where all users will want to contribute to their favorite brands, to give them the veracity they consider.

Activation Campaigns

Activations have been around for many years, but now, there are many more technological tools to make the user experience more digitally oriented, making it more memorable. They are 360º campaigns with emphasis on online interaction.

New Content Creation

This is a trend that comes back every year, of course, but formats keep changing. This time, valuable content should be created to encourage the use of the "Save" function and make videos of approximately 10 seconds, edited in such a way that the user always goes all the way or must repeat it at least once. There are also AI tools for creative writing and design.

Purchase of Ads

There are three features that will be leading paid ads in digital media: Voice Search, campaign automation and retargeting.


Now that you have this list, use it as inspiration for this new year's planning, choose what works best for you and stick it to the action plan you want to execute. On behalf of the whole Viva la AD! family, we hope this content can help you achieve all your goals for 2023 and that we can contribute with your growth.

If you want to have us by your side during the construction of your project, we can help. Just call us and we will schedule a meeting completely for free. We will talk about your venture or company to take it to the top.

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