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How to use Social Media to Create an Authentic Customer Connection

Social media offers today’s businesses an advanced and convenient avenue to build their brand and customer relationships. By boosting your social media marketing game, you can gain potential and new customers. On top of this, you can also build authentic customer connections from your existing audience.

Another great thing about digital marketing is they’re free unless you enroll for paid advertisements. Given this, you should be able to achieve brand popularity, high traffic, massive leads, and many more at little to no cost.

In this article, we will help you develop your brand-customer relationship through effective social media marketing.

Why Creating Authentic Customer Connection Is Important

Clients are what makes businesses go round. Everything that your company is working for is to gain customers to create brand awareness and high profits.

But, lead generation should not be the end of your marketing efforts. Rather, you must also develop a strong relationship with your clients to instill loyalty and gain more new customers.

Cultivating loyal customers

When you build an authentic customer connection, your customers will look out for developments in your business. They will stay excited about your brand’s new releases and promotions.

Because of this, you’ll obtain customer and traffic security. In other words, your number of clients won’t decline, since they will keep coming back for your products and services.

Ask For Customer Feedback

Your clients reaching out to you is one thing. Initiating communication with your clients by asking them their opinions and feedback is another.

What we mean by this is you should also do your part in interacting with your audience. Luckily, social media provides different features to make data gathering easy.

Creating polls and questions are excellent ideas to find out your customers’ feelings and opinions. You can ask a question, and they can answer by commenting or choosing a poll option.

Provide Rewards and Benefits

Giveaways, discount codes, and raffles are some incentives that attract all kinds of people on social media. The prizes don’t always have to be money; they could be a free product, voucher, or other desirable items.

When you post such incentives, don’t forget to elicit engagements from your followers. You can require them to like, share, mention other accounts in the comment section to create a slot or entry.

If you regularly host such giveaways, new people will learn about your brand. On top of this, you will develop a strong customer relationship since your followers wouldn’t want to miss these benefits.

Higher lead-generation

Nothing beats the word-of-mouth marketing strategy. When you have faithful customers, they will directly or indirectly spread your brand to other people.

They would suggest your products and services to their family and friends who are also looking for the things you offer.

Essentially, your loyal customers will become your asset in your marketing plan.

Repost User-Generated Content

When your followers or customers post something about your product or service, you should show your appreciation for that. Such posts are a testament to the quality of your products and services.

So, engage with the post by liking, commenting, and sharing. Repost the online post on your account, but make sure to ask permission from the original user first. By doing this, you’re already building a connection with your followers.

Create a Customer Support Page

One of the primary things you need for your social media platform is an avenue for your clients to raise their concerns.

One possible way for you to achieve this is by creating another account specifically for customer service. Through this, customers can message you privately their complaints and requests. Having a separate customer service account can help you organize your social media engagements.

Another way to provide customer support to your clients is through Facebook Messenger chatbot. Through this, you can create immediate auto-generated messages to ask your followers about their concerns.

Create Value-laden Posts

Although the main purpose of your social media platform is to promote brand awareness, you shouldn’t solely focus on that. You should broadcast posts that are full of value as well, so you can impart knowledge and impact to your fans.

Try posting brand-related memes, jokes, tips, and educational posts once in a while. Be sure to have a balance between marketing and non-promotional posts to uphold diversity in your business page.

By sharing value-laden posts, your followers will get an idea of how your products and services will be beneficial to them.

While there are many avenues to foster customer connection, social media is a popular and effective means to do that.

Since many people spend a significant portion of their day on social media, you can easily interact with your target market. Moreover, if you’ve already obtained a huge following, you must take advantage of that and nurture your relationship with your existing audience.

There are numerous techniques you can apply to achieve this. We know them all. Book an appointment with Viva la AD and let's get your Social Media numbers up! Click the button below to have a call with us.


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