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Your business needs to be on top of every search.


knows how to put you up there.





Our job is to improve your sales.

That’s why we use the biggest advertising platform to boost businesses: Google Ads.


We’re completely focused in boosting your business to the next level, so what we do is place you at the top of Google’s search results. You probably have tried it yourself, but if you want full advantage from Google Ads, this is a service that requires techniques applied by experts, just like us.

Viva La AD is your agency for Paid Advertisement on Search Engines and SEO Management.


Avoid wasting your time in trying to figure out how you can manage a Google Ads campaign.

We are certified by Google to create the most elaborate pieces of advertisement you can put out to your audience.


Google Ads

With Google Ads, you will definitely get ahead of your competitors, being place in the first page on every search your potential customers make.


Viva La AD will put you in the top of your game.

How can a business achieve this kind of growth choosing Viva La AD to run your Google Ads?

There are some great benefits on this:

  • This Google service is absolutely reliable, so you won’t be disappointed in results

  • It gives a big return of investment, because you will attract more clicks

  • These clicks are more likely to convert into real sales

  • Beat other businesses in the market by having your company name prioritized in every search

  • We are USA-based. And you will have a dedicated specialist to work with your SEO

  • Very accessible & fair prices to a high quality service

  • You will get a lot more traffic to your website

At this point, dozens of local businesses have hired us to give them what they want: new customers that they haven’t reached to before.

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Viva La AD takes full care of your business growth!

Google is a huge platform that performs big changes almost every month. So, if you’re an entrepreneur with a busy agenda, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the work that Google Ads campaigns require. It’s a high reward service, but it can be time-consuming. That’s where we check-in & solve that problem for you.

Being certified in Google Ads managers, Viva La AD knows every move Google does on their algorithm. We stay on top of every trend & new process they can come up with, because we’re constantly studying what’s best to promote a business while keeping paid ad campaign prices as low as possible.

At our agency, we may be oriented to creativity, but when it comes to this system, we make it work following every rule. With our Google Ads & SEO Service, Viva La AD is 100% driven by the process, and everything goes by the book. That’s why our results are so great & will keep improving every day.

As professional marketers, is our job to know about your audience & analyze what drives your customers to acquire your products or services.

If you want to know how Google Ads works and how exactly can it do wonders for your business, please keep reading…

Website Mockup

If you have a website where customers can land and know more about you, Google Ads is a perfect option.


The main idea is to target traffic into your website in the most affordable & effective way. Google being the number 1 search engine in the whole World Wide Web, they offer you the opportunity to appear as the first every time one of your ideal customers is looking for a service like yours.

Viva La AD knows every trick you can perform to bring customers into your way.

This is a big project to manage, because it’s a great platform that allows you to build a detailed & well-crafted advertisement. Hiring an agency like ours will give you the results you need, and not only that, we will follow-up with the campaign once it’s launched so we can optimize it & make it even better.

Working on a Project

Monitoring & analyzing is a huge part of working with Google Ads.


And of course, that’s a part of our service. That way, any time we put content out, we will know exactly how to do it so we don’t have to figure things out as they’re going.

Why should you hire Viva La AD to run your Google Ads?

Our agency received a certification from Google as professionals in the Google Ads platform.

We have advanced knowledge on how to use it, and also have access to info on updates & next changes on their user experience.


All this will be applied to make your business grow, at an affordable price.


What can you expect from Viva La AD’s Google Ads service?

quality results at all sizes

It doesn’t matter if your business is a local store, a national company or just an e-commerce, we can adapt to any types.

affordable prices

We also adapt to your pocket. No charges or fees will take you by surprise.

full dedication

Our team will be all over your project, building, monitoring, analyzing & optimizing every aspect of it.

a well-trained team

You can only get Google Ads certifications after a long study program. We have put great effort into this.

USA located service

We are based in Houston, TX. If you’re in the city, you can schedule meetings with us.

5 star ratings

Our Google My Business profile has been rated with nothing with good reviews! Check it out here.


Even though we’re driven by the right process, Viva La AD will always find a way to make things innovative & creative.


Of course, your company will attract new customers, more web traffic and you will sell a lot more of your products.

Let everything in our hands.

We will expertly handle all your advertising projects, allowing you to have that extra time you need to build your company from the inside. Our Google Ads & SEO Services will introduce your business to everyone who needs to know about it.

Read more about how Google Ads actually works and how does our process to place an ad into the search engine. works:

Google Ads - Display Ads

When it comes to targeting messages to very specific audiences, we recommend businesses to run Google Display Ads. They are amazingly effective to deliver messages to detailed groups of people, because not only they would take geographic data, they also:

  • Analyze the content on the website your ad appears on

  • What a user tends to browse on the search engine

  • Their most recent clicks on search results


Use Pay-Per-Click Ads!


This is the most cost-effective way to place advertisement, because it would basically cost nothing to appear on other websites! You would only have to pay when a user sees your ad and clicks on it to land on your website.

Even when these Display Ads aren’t being clicked on, they are still creating impressions and raising huge brand awareness. That would still get traffic to your website eventually.

How are Google Display Ads shown?

You can see different sizes and shapes on Google Ads Display Ads. Their formats can go from little texts, to images that you can send to us to publish. If you want to meet the exact sizes, you’re more than welcome to schedule a meeting with Viva La AD!

Every ad we do is constantly being monitored and analyzed in order to optimize its placement. Our job is to achieve maximum quality in every piece of advertisement we put out. For Google Display Ads, the main key to good results is knowing how to target audiences, and this platform makes it truly possible in a lot of ways. For example:


  • Geographic data

This is the best for small businesses that operate on a local scale. They can bring customers who are located nearby.


  • Demographics

You can send ads to people on a specific rate of age and gender


  • Content & Affinity

What type of content does your target audience usually consume? We can place your business name right in front of them while they’re browsing their typical content. This can be made through specific keywords or maybe websites that match their lifestyle & personal interests.


  • Topics

There is a list of broad categories already predetermined in the platform. You can pick the ones that define your customers better.


  • In-Market Audiences

People who are already interested in making a purchase. Users who are urging for a product tend to do specific types of searches. Their online behavior is very oriented to shopping, so we use the Google Ads algorithm to look for these clicks, visits and queries and put your business right in front of them.


  • Combinations

Of course, you can create a fully defined advertisement by mixing all of the targeting options above. This is the best you can do if you want to reach a select group of users.

Viva La AD is certified in Google Ads management!


We know perfectly what’s best for your brand and how to get it displayed in all the websites that are considered most important for your customers. Schedule a meeting and contact us to know more about our Google Display Ads service!

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Google Shopping Ads

You can directly promote the products you have on stock by using Google Shopping campaigns. These are great ads, because if you have a store or an e-commerce platform, you can start selling directly through this automated advertising platform. This is definitely a great way to convert leads from new customers that are used to online shopping.

Google Shopping Ads are a traffic booster for websites, and they bring high quality leads. Shopping ads use the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) system, meaning that you pay once someone has clicked on your ad. When this happens, that means this person already has a direct interest in your product, so they will explore your website to find more info about the purchase options.  

The sign-up process for Shopping ads asks you to send some requirements to the Google Merchant Center. We will guide you through all the stages so we can start creating campaigns & sell your products.

How are Google Shopping Ads shown to customers?

Users will be provided with a full description similar to e-commerce formats: picture, price, main title, name of the store and call to action button. The more you show, your ad will have higher possibilities to get clicked.

Viva La AD Google Shopping.gif

Google Shopping Ads will be the first thing listed on the search, right before the regular website results.

What do you need to set up Google Shopping Ads?

Users will be provided with a full description similar to e-commerce formats: picture, price, main title, name of the store and call to action button. The more you show, your ad will have higher possibilities to get clicked.

  1. Budget & customer location

  2. Schedule a meeting

  3. Sign-up form

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Why should you hire Viva La AD to manage your Google Shopping Ads?

Leads more likely to purchase

Every person who clicks on your Google Shopping Ad, is probably going to close the deal quicker & buy your product.

Online retailing made easier

If the keywords are done right and the products are nicely put, your business will be relevant to search for.

A bigger reach

This is the best ad platform you can place your products in, to achieve a broader online presence.

YouTube Ads

We all have seen YouTube Ads, and we also probably remember lots of them. That's because they're very effective.

Everybody uses YouTube nowadays. It's currently the biggest video platform worldwide and Viva La AD can place your business right there for everyone to see.

How do you set up YouTube Ads?

First thing first, you must have a YouTube channel with a video commercial that's longer than 30 seconds. It must be loaded, approved & with all its descriptions in place. We are specialists, we wouldn't leave any details behind!

Viva La AD is not a video-producing company, so we recommend you to have a video ready before hiring this service.

Who will see your YouTube Ads?

It's like those famous TV commercial breaks, but with so much better & accurate targeting. Actually, if you are already running our Google Display Ads service (more info here) you can use those exact same settings for audience targeting on your YouTube Ads.

Also, keywords are a huge factor on YouTube's platform. That's mainly how videos are organized on your feed, shown in queries or filtered on searches, so if you have a list of keywords on Google's Display Network, you can use it here as well.


Apart from Affinity, In-Market and Custom Audiences that you can pick from Google Ads, you can also have these following options for YouTube Ads:

  • Similar Audiences

This will get your reach numbers expand a lot, because it brings new users from other audiences that perform as good or even better than yours. Most of the data will come from your Customer Match lists.

  • Customer Match

This is additional data about your customers that will be remarketed to get them even more engaged and coming back to the same content where your ads are placed. Ideal targeting for loyalty building.

  • Life events

Believe it or not, some online activities are directly related to life milestones and changes. From moving to another city, to graduating or starting a relationship or marriage. Perfect scenario if you want to grab attention from newcomers in any aspect.

Viva La AD is an affordable Digital Marketing Agency that can show you before the most watched YouTube videos. Meet with us for a free consultation!

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